Monday, March 10, 2008

Thanks Everyone for Coming Out to the Club Banquet!

The club banquet was great last night. We had about 47 people make it despite the bad weather. The food was great as always and it was a fine night to share with our running friends.

For those that couldn't make it Amie has uploaded photos from the banquet to her google account:

When I get a chance I will download and add these to our Flickr site too.

At the banquet we acknowledged all those that ran Boston in 2007 or Qualified for Boston in 2007!

Barb Broad
Frank Duchossois
Lou Dregely
Janet Edwards
Mark Godale
Steve Godale
Elizabeth Hansen
Rich Henderson
Wyatt Hornsby
Jim Klar
Kam Lee
Dawn Malone
Eileen Meisler
Bud McNellie
Kurt Molter
Patty Roberts
Paul Romanic
Vince Rucci
Denine Ryan
Jeff Tanchon
Melissa Terwilliger
Jeff Ubersax
Wayne Vereb
Joe Vishey
Libby Wolf
Jeff Ziol

The club had a special award for Bill Wagner who has been an outstanding trail guide this year and has shown a lot of new trail runners all there is to see out and about on the Ohio Trails.

Our Female Runner of the year is Dawn Malone and our Male Runner of the year is Wyatt Hornsby!

New Executive Board is as follows:

President: Elizabeth Hansen
Vice President: Wyatt Hornsby
Treasurer: Janet Edwards

Thanks everyone for coming out and making it a great night!


solarsquirrel said...

I put the photos I took onto my Picasa account:

E-Speed said...

Thanks Amie!