Saturday, March 15, 2008

St. Malachi Results

Kam Lee 26:58.80 (3rd Overall/1st Age Group)
Mark Godale 27:45.85 (5th Overall/2nd in Age Group)
Steve Godale 28:49.80
Lou Dregely 29:13.65 (1st in Age Group)
Marc Abramink 30:23.10
Marvin Nieman 30:44.30
Bob Pokorny 31:53.85
Frank Duchossois 32:19.60 (3rd in Age Group)
Kurt Molter 32:42.10
Amie Scarpitti 35:15.10 (3rd in Age Group)
Dave Koch 35:26.30
Janet Edwards 37:46.00
Elizabeth Heier 38:18.60
Philip Sage 38:55.85
Christina Seman 45:43.90
Libby Wolf - 50:32.90

If we missed you please post your result in the comments and I will append later!

Great job everyone!


Barbara said...

Congrats to all who raced this morning in the St. Malachi race! You all did great!!


duchossois said...

Great running everyone. Elizabeth, thanks for posting the results and taking photos. Mark, thanks for the guided tour of the flats and Ohio City. Much better than Lolly the Trolley.

P.S. Did anyone ever find Carson? He strayed from the Mark's tour group, and wasn't with us when we got back.

Papa Louie said...

Elizabeth, good to see you out on the course cheering us on and snapping phots.