Friday, March 28, 2008

SERC Boston Teams

Teams with Bib Numbers

Women's Team

Edwards, Janet (15436)
Hansen, Elizabeth A. (11603)
Malone, Dawn M. (8462)

Men's Open Team
Godale, Mark A. (1183)
Godale, Stephen (1766)
Lee, Kam S. (1178)

Men's Masters Team
Duchossois, Frank L. (8252)
Klar, James R. (10863)
Molter, Kurt (7512)
Morl, David G. (3533)
Tanchon, Jeff (8637)
Ubersax, Jeffery (3243)
Vereb, Wayne J. (12778)
Ziol, Jeffrey J. (9092)

If we missed you please let me know ASAP. Teams have to be finalized Friday April 4th.

Please email Elizabeth cell, travel, and hotel arrangements for Boston so we can put together a list for the group. I believe we are invited to a dinner with Judge McGinty one of the nights and it would be nice for the club to get together to watch the womens trials as well as get our normal finish line photo which may have to be rescheduled since the freedom run is cancelled for the trials.

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