Monday, March 3, 2008

SERC Results from 3-2-08

Mark Godale ran a fantastic 50k PR today! 3:16, good for 4th overall at the 50k championships!

A lot of SERC runners turned out for the Youngstown half marathon today!

Kam Lee
1:18:40.00 3rd Overall!
Wyatt Hornsby
1:29:24.00 3rd Age Group
Mark Abramiuk
1:29:58.00 4th Age Group
Jeff Ziol
Kurt Molter
1:32:56.00 2nd age group
Frank Duchossois
1:36:28.00 2nd age group

Steve Hawthorne


Eileen Meisler

1:39:13.00 1st age group

Elizabeth Hansen

1:44:14.00 1st age group
Amie Scarpitti
1:45:38.00 2nd age group
Barb Broad
1:52:42.00 1st age group
Janet Edwards
1:54:18.00 4th age group
Phil Sage

Gerald Hurd

Christina Seman
2:05:14.00 1st half marathon!
Hopefully I didn't miss anyone!

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