Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SERC Singlets and T-Shirts

This round of SERC apparel orders is complete! If you missed out no worries we will likely have a summer round of orders too.

Thanks for everyone's interest and orders. Shirts should start reaching you by the 12th and 13th. Please be sure to send your money to Janet to ensure you get your order in a timely fashion!

We want to see as many SERC members out and about in SERC apparel as possible. You don't have to be a marathon runner to be a part of the club and you definitely don't need to be running Cleveland or Boston to purchase a singlet or t-shirt. Apparel is open to all SERC members!

In order to cut down on printing costs we are also going to order T-Shirts, great for lounging around post race and promoting the club!

Singlets will be Mizuno. The shirts are Navy with white highlights.

Singlets $26

We will be printing the SERC logo on the singlets and t-shirts.

Basic shorts are $20 and come in split short or basic/longer.

The $20 are just basic shorts, nothing special.

The Maverick Split Short which has a side velcro pocket, or the Mustang Basic Short which has a side zipper pocket. (Womens Maverick) (Womens Mustang) $30

There is also a womens running skirt that comes in Navy, $45

Men's Singlets come in S-XXL
Women's Singlets come in XS-XL

Womens Medium Front

Womens Medium Back (The design in the middle of the back is my sports bra, shirt is actually plain navy on back except shoulders)

Womens Medium Side

Guys Medium Front

T-shirts $10




Coach Kurt said...

Any chance we can get the Mizuno logo taken off? Got to keep some self respect you know.

E-Speed said...

hmm not sure if this is possible. I wondered about that when we were thinking Nike too, but I don't think many vendors will give us their tops without having their branding on it. I'm hoping once our logo is on there it will look better.

E-Speed said...

Talked with Vince, getting rid of the logo is a no go. I suppose you could try and get rid of it yourself with some serious time and effort and a razor blade :)

We are going to do our best to make the end result look good despite the mizuno logo.

DaisyDuc said...

SERC has one HAWT model!!!!