Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend Results

There was a whole lot of racing going on this weekend. I am sure I will miss someone's result here so please email me if I have missed you and I will update all results here.

Northcoast Challenge 5 Mile
Mike Ryan 28:57.00
Lloyd Thomas 30:36.58

Aurora Labor Day 5K
Steve Godale 17:35 1st
Wyatt Hornsby 17:45 2nd
Elizabeth Hansen 19:40 1st female
Barb Broad 22:02 2nd female

Punxsutawney 50k

Bob Pokorny 4:27 4th overall
Dave Peterman 4:37 7th overall
Elizabeth Hansen 4:52 13th overall (2nd female)
Carson Heiner 4:53 14th overall
Frank Ducchosois 4:59 18th overall
Rich Henderson 5:25 24th overall
Paul Romanic 5:37 33rd overall
Suzanne Pokorny 6:13 55th overall
Tim McGinty 6:26 65th overall

River Run 5k
John Lewandowski 18:01.25
Janet Edwards 20:52.31

Potato Stomp 9 Miler
Steve Godale 54:31 3rd Overall
Elizabeth Heier 1:09:06
Phil Sage 1:18:08

River Run Half Marathon
Mark Godale 1:24:35.36
Joe Vishey 1:28:30.65
Janet Edwards 1:40:16.54
Bridget Smith 1:47:31.13

Buckeye Half
Steve Godale 1:22:17
Steve Hawthorne 1:28:11
Vince Rucci (And Dex!) 1:34:00
Eileen Meisler 1:34:08
Lloyd Thomas 1:34:59 (pacer)
Barb Broad 1:39:37
Dave Peterman 1:43:25
Gerri Kornblut 2:06:30

Portage Lakes Olympic Tri
Amie Scarpitti 2:33:35 3rd in age group

Portage Lakes Duathlon
Todd Blackledge 2:20:23 10th overall

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