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Hello SERC runners,

The SERC board of 2012 would like to welcome you to the 2012 running season! It is our mission to promote SERC as the Northeast Ohio running club to be a part of.  We offer camaraderie, friendship, speed, intensity and lots of miles -- whatever you need, we got it!!

  • President Elizabeth Hiser has been running since grade school.  She has completed 23 marathons, most notably going 2:49:53 in 2010 at the Columbus Marathon.  She is all fired up and ready to take on the Boston Marathon this month as not only your SERC President, but also as a member of the up and coming Cleveland Elite Development (CED) team, led by one of our very own club members, Glenn Andrews. 

  • Vice President, ElizaBeth Heier is a runner/triathlete who has completed 6 marathons, including the Boston Marathon.  She has been running and competing in triathlons for 6 years.  She is currently on the disabled list, nursing a foot injury indefinitely and directing her running urges into cycling and swimming and making this club as AWESOME as she knows it can be!!

  • Treasurer, Amie Scarpitti is graciously back for another year as a SERC board member.  Amie is not only an accomplished runner, but she is also a triathlete.  She is quickly getting back into the running scene after having a beautiful baby girl named Ruby just a few months ago and starting a new job.  Amie is a trail "freak" at heart, but on the road she is also a fierce force being noted for screaming "hell no!!" at the end of a race when someone attempts to try and beat her to the finish and laying the hammer down only to show them how mistaken they really were.


The Southeast Running Club is one of the nation's premier running clubs. SERC was founded in 1975 by runners with the purpose of promoting the enjoyment of running to as many people as possible. We are still supported by founding member Rodger McKain and we are grateful for his input each year as the club evolves. Over the years, SERC has put on local races, held many social events, and provided training opportunities for novice and competitive runners.

While runners of all abilities are welcome, SERC has long-maintained a competitive tradition and many members are top finishers in local races. Today, our membership includes several accomplished Boston marathoners, triathletes and ultra-runners. The club often travels to spring and fall marathons, including the Boston, Chicago,  and Columbus marathons and other races. Many of us run the local Cleveland and Akron marathons, the Buckeye Trail 50K, the Burning River and Mohican 100 mile endurance runs, and other races of all distances. 

It is our hope as a club to continue to promote running in the Northeast Ohio area and carry on the rich running legacy of co-founders and members before us.  Anyone with an interest in running is welcome to join SERC. To be an official member, a $10 annual contribution is required. Each year, the club elects new officers at our annual banquet. While the club officers maintain some overall structure, the structure is informal and the backbone of the club is running together.


SERC has recognized it's runners and their accomplishments since it's inception with awards dating back to 1976, nearly twenty years earlier than those we now us (albeit prior to Ruta and Don).  The first awards banquet was held at the old Executive Caterers facility of Chagrin Blvd (near the Brainard Road intersection).  That was in January 1976.  Awards were determined by the officers.  Voting was started by Mark Berkman in the late 1990's.  Even when SERC had over 200 members, there were no disputes about this approach to selecting awardees.  I believe that the SERC treasury had over $10,000 at one point.  So, banquets were highly discounted, and included live entertainment., i.e. a small bands or disc jockies.  One highlight of the early years was the Emerald Necklace Relay, held in early March.  SERC started at Squires Castle,running 10-mile legs to the pavilion in Brecksville where they met relay runners from the west side RRC who started at the marina in Rocky River.  This was viewed as the end of winter relay to be followed by a trip to Virginia Beach for the Shamrock Marathon.  While no one thought about ultra marathons at that time, one of the SERC relay runners ran 36 miles as part of a graduate school (exercise physiology) project testing the effects of caffeine...he was great until a day or two later!

In the beginning things were not organized.  But, there was a commitment to holding a public running event every month.  The entry fees were minimal until the running boom caught on after the Munich Olympics(Frank Shorter won the marathon).  Then, everyone got into the act,including the park and local police.  So, entry fees escalated,insurance was required, and eventually it became too much for SERC to handle.

The early presidents of SERC included Reno Starnoni(retired running store owner, still living in the area), Ron Vederman (former director of Hiram House on Chagrin Blvd and SOM, moved to NJ), Larry Gang (became president of 1000-member Baltimore RR, died in CO at 54 years), Bud McNellie (around 1984), and Patricia Kabele(moved to Portland and then to Indianapolis)...

When Boston qualifying times were 2:50, SERC at one time had about 30 qualifiers, about half of whom actually made the trips. 

So,for those who might be interested, there is a rich tradition that predates many other organizations in the area.  (Actually, SERC took over the Lake Erie AA club that traced its roots back to the Jesse Owens era).


Each month we would like to officially introduce members of the club by posting a small bio about two members.  It is our intended way of putting a face to the pace. Thank you to those who have sent us bio’s as requested! Keep them coming as we would also like these to be available on our website!

This month we would like to introduce one long time member as well as a new member:

Tim Hackett was born on November 6, 1964 and has been a member of SERC since 1993.  Tim has a long list of achievements including the following PRs and accomplishments:
10K: 32.05, ½ Marathon: 1:16, Marathon: 2:43, ½ Ironman: 4:51, 3 Division I Varsity Track Letters, 3 Division I Varsity Cross Country Letters
Tim’s 2012 goals include staying healthy and running a 2:55 marathon this year.

New member Tim Edwards has been competing in triathlons locally and has been a member of CTC for many years. Born July 20th, Tim has competed as an Elite Amateur at the Chicago Triathlon and he is an American Triple T Finisher. In 2012 Tim is planning to compete at the Cleveland 1/2 Marathon, the Greater Cleveland Triathlon, and a summer or fall 1/2 Ironman (TBD). Welcome to the club Tim!

4/16 Boston Marathon -
4/21 On My Own Two Feet Marathon -
4/21 Spring Classic 10 Miler -
4/22 Glass City Marathon -
4/22 Bedford Auto Mile Run (5-miles) -
4/28 Hermes 10 Miler -


Volunteers in the running community are PRICELESS.  They provided us not only with water and timing to name a few, but always with an unforgettable running experience.  It is important that we pay it forward and take the time to not only train and race, but also to offer others our services as a volunteer.   We encourage all club members to get out there and volunteer.  It would be great to see more SERC members out supporting our great local events this year!

Let us know where you plan to volunteer and if you are looking for some place to start check out these events that need help below!

4/21  On My Own Two Feet Inaugural Marathon - Contact: Melissa Cairns at

5/20 Girls With Sole Cleveland Marathon Aid Station - Contact:
Cristina: or
  • To Volunteer:
    1) Use this link:

    2) Choose group name: Girls With Sole

    3) Use Password: GWS2012

6/10 Lula 5K - Contact Emily Cole at

Jog Into Spring 5K
  • Joe Vishey -19:2, 1st in AG
SacTown 10 miler
  • Nicole Camp 58:31, 3rd Overall Female
Just a Short Run
  • Paul Romanic 8.2 miles - 47:37, 3rd Overall Male
  • Tracy Meder 30K (18.6 miles -2:09:03 3rd Overall Female
Fools 50k/25K
  • Janet Edwards 25K - 2:12:44, 1st Overall Female
  • Tim McGinty 25K - 2:52:17
  • Dave Peterman 50K - 4:54:22
  • Bill Wagner 50K - 6:47:09
  • Tara Schweitzer - 6:48:01

TRAINING - Where do we run?

Our group runs are fun, sometimes intense, and always full of camaraderie. All group runs can also be found on our
Group Runs page.  Over the next few months we would encourage members to try and attend our Sunday run which is the run most members attend each week and a great way to meet many members during the run and after at the bagel shop.

Sunday Mornings
- The Basics
  • This run, which has been a SERC tradition since our founding, is entirely on the roads and streets in Solon and joins runners with a wide range of abilities.
  • We meet at 8:00 a.m. in the parking lot of Solon Square Shopping Center (near the Chipotle) on the Northwest corner of Route 91 (SOM Center Road) and Aurora Road.
  • The running pace is typically between 6:30-9:00-minute miles, however we do encourage ALL speeds
  • We leave at 8:00 a.m. sharp.
  • If you're new, get there early and introduce yourself.
  • Breakfast at D&R Bagels follows.

We follow a 12-mile loop around Solon, with plenty of options for shorter and longer distances. Most club members run the full 12 miles and a few go 15-20+ miles. At about the 6-mile mark, the course passes the Valley Forge Drive house of one of our club members, Dick Cyr, who leaves water for us on his back porch. It is also possible to create a 5-mile course by returning home on SOM Center Road heading north off Pettibone. Maps of all loops are shown

Thanks for reading! See you on the roads and trails soon!
Elizabeth Hiser, 2012 SERC President
Elizabeth Heier, 2012 SERC Vice President
Amie Scarpitti, 2012 SERC Treasurer

For more frequent updates always be sure to check out our website, the blog, facebook, and our new twitter account!!/SERC_CLE

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