Friday, May 9, 2008


I'm Charlie Engle and I want you to run with me across America! I'm prepping for an exciting project that runners all over the country are participating in. We briefed Jean Knaack, Executive Director of the Road Runners Club of America – who wanted us to speak directly to you.

Nehst Studios is producing the feature film Running America – me and Marshall Ulrich will be running from San Francisco to New York in June, date TBD. We would like runners across the country to join us for a mile, then drop back and let another group run. But you may run as long as you like. We want 5 runners per mile – there's room for 15,000!

Here's how to get your members involved –

- Check out the project and the route at You may sign up there. There is a nominal registration fee of $3.95 which covers the application, release, and casting expense.

- You may forward this email and the attached press release to your membership list.

- You may post the information at meeting places and running stores.

- The press release will be posted on the National website, and you may also place it on your local site.

- Runners not close to the route have already chosen to travel to run with me – chapters both near and far from the run are welcome to participate.

We know this will be a history-making run. Our last project, Running the Sahara – in which I and other runners crossed Africa, was made into a feature documentary with Oscar-winner Matt Damon narrating. The film will be released late Summer to mid-Fall. I look forward to seeing Road Runners all across America! The run itself will also be raising money and awareness for a number of causes, to be announced soon. Thanks.


Charlie Engle

PS: If you have questions you may email Nehst Studios at They may also phone chapters to check in

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