Friday, May 30, 2008

2008 Blossom Time Run Results

Results are up!

SERC Women:

Elizabeth Hansen 34:44.3 5th overall
Christine Ganz 34:47.1 1st Masters
Amie Scarpitti 35:55.3 1st Age Group
Eileen Meisler 36:02.4 3rd Age Group
Janet Edwards 43:20.9

Big thanks to Barb for coming out and cheering us on!

Mark Godale 29:13.8 1st Age Group
Steve Godale 30:23.9 3rd Age Group
Wyatt Hornsby 31:35.2 1st Age Group
Joe Vishey 31:04.7 3rd Age Group
Jeff Tanchon 33:11.2 1st Age Group
Frank Duchossois 33:35.8 1st Age Group
Steve Hawthorne 36:21.1
Greg Klipan 40:29.5

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duchossois said...

Great day for SERC runners. Again.