Thursday, March 15, 2012

SERC St. Malachi Results 2012

Brian Stern 27:28.21 1st age group
Nicole Camp 28:05.49 3rd female
Elizabeth Hiser 28:50 4th Female
Tim Hackett 29:35.23 4th age group
Dave Miceli 29:41.85 3rd age group
Frank D 29:58.06 2nd age group
Janet Edwards 31:18.97 4th age group
Mike George 33:57.20
Christina Seman 34:32.26
Phil Sipos
36:00.45 1st age group
Greg Klipan 37:05.70 3rd age group
Tim McGinty 38:05.06 5th age group

As always please let Elizabeth or Elizabeth know if you have been inadvertently left out of these results and we will gladly amend!

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