Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Race Results

River Run 1/2 Marathon
Kam Shun Lee 1:12:54.18 5:34/M 1st AG
Alan Satterfield 1:18:36.70 6:00/M
Jeffery Ubersax 1:23:26.50 6:22/M 1st AG
Steve Hawthorne 1:28:15.20 6:44/M
Joseph Vishey 1:32:32.71 7:04/M 3rd AG
Phil Sipos 1:42:15.30 7:49/M 2nd AG
Karyn Seeger 1:44:06.49 7:58/M
Timothy McGinty 1:49:25.20 8:23/M

Punxsutawney 50k
Vince Rucci 3:53:41 1st overall
Mike Ryan 4:16:43 2nd overall
Dave Peterman 4:18:43 3rd overall
Matt Shaheen 4:30:44 7th overall
Paul Romanic 4:38:09 9th overall
(Needless to say, they also won the team competition.)

Potato Stomp 9 Mile
Steve Godale 54:44 2nd overall
Elizabeth Hansen 59:23 1st female
Greg Dykes 59:43 1st AG
Nicole Camp 1:00:46 2nd female
Scott Marlow 1:01:45 4th AG
Barb Broad 1:09:59 1st AG

REV3 Full Distance Triathlon
Janet Edwards, 11:39:08. Swim-1:28:05, Bike-5:47:02, Run-4:15:03 15th female, 2nd Age Group.
Christan Seman, 12:51:49. Swim-1:18:23, Bike-6:39:18, Run-4:41:51

REV3 Half Distance Triathlon
Brian Stern, 4:39:12. Swim-36:28, Bike-2:30:19, Run-1:29:29 12th male, 3rd age group

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