Monday, May 31, 2010

Results for Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Blossom Time Race (5.25 miles)
Kam Shun Lee 28:30.5 4th Overall
Alan Satterfield 30:48.1 1st AG
Stephen Godale 31:19.5 2nd AG
Elizabeth Hansen 31:38.0 1st Woman Overall
Frank Duchossois 33:48.2 3rd AG
Marvin Nieman 33:57.0
Scott Picker 34:01.6
Steve Hawthorne 34:37.5
Susan Bohinski 34:54.4 1st AG
Joseph Vishey 35:23.4
Eileen Meisler 36:50.8 3rd AG
Maryjean Starr 38:40.8 2nd AG
Barbara Broad 38:58.2 1st AG
Tim McGinty 43:26.0
Jeff Tanchon 1:06:50.0*
(*Jeff's time included 30 minutes in an ambulance. Don't worry, he is fine..a combination of low blood sugar, dehydration, and the heat got to him.)

Ogden (West Virginia) 20k
Jessica Pickana 1:26:23 1st AG (5th female overall)

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