Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Columbus Mara and Half Results

Congratulations to all who ran in Columbus last weekend. For those who managed PRs, and those who were out with injuries and are working their way back, extra special congratulations.

Steve Godale 2:58:58
Elizabeth Hansen 3:05:57 PR
Jessica Pickana 3:09:04 PR
Jim Klar 3:09:09
Greg Dykes 3:14;12
Kurt Molter 3:15:05
Janet Edwards 3:27:05 PR
Danette Lane 4:05.43
Bill Bailey 4:06:14

Brian Stern 1:16:05 1st AG
Barb Broad 1:36:38 1st AG PR
Rani Affandi 1:41:29
Amie Scarpitti 2:17:44
Gerri and Rachel Kornblut 2:48:58

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