Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fool's 25k and 50k, Chicago Lakefront 50K

Fool's 50k
Mike Ryan  4:36:49 (1st overall)
Dave Peterman  4:51:18 (4th ovarall)
Rich Henderson  5:08:47
Dawn Malone  5:43:08
Mel Terwilliger  6:19:06
Bill Wagner  6:28:07
Suzanne Pokorny  6:36:06

Fool's 25k
Dave Koch  2:37:31


Chicago Lakefront 50k

Joe Jurczyk 5:03:17

Libby Wolf 6:58:37

As always, I apologise if I missed anyone in these results.  Please e-mail me if I did, and I will make the correction.  Thanks.

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