Monday, March 9, 2009

March 8th Results

t was the first really busy racing weekend of the 2009 season, and SERC runners excelled.

Shamrock 15k
Mark Godale 57:01 3rd overall
Greg Dykes 1:05:00 2nd AG

Mill Creek Half-Marathon
Frank Duchossois 1:31:15
Connie Gradner 1:31:58 3rd overall
Kurt Molter 1:32:25 2nd AG
Elizabeth Hansen 1:32:31 1st AG
Eileen Meisler 1:40:40 1st AG
Janet Edwards 1:44:51 2nd AG
Amie Scrapitti 1:47:13 3rd AG
Barb Broad 1:50:23 1st AG
Phil Sipos 1:52:14

Mill Creek 5k
Greg Klipan 23:41 2nd AG

Photos from Mill Creek

Amie Scarpitti

Barb Broad

Connie Gardner

Eileen Meisler

Elizabeth Hansen

Frank Duchossois

Janet Edwards

Kurt Molter

Phil Sipos

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