Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Richmond Marathon 2008 Results and Photos

Elizabeth Hansen 3:22:46, PR, 4th AG
Paul Romanic 3:26:58
Eileen Meisler 3:32:24, 2nd AG
Barb Broad 3:39:47, 2nd AG
Kathy Matera, 3:45:50
Maryjean Starr, 3:54:06, PR


eector said...

I am amazed at Barbara Broad race times.I need your secret. I used to run in Cleveland but moved to Atlanta and in no way could I possibly run that fast but I am training hard to beat her in Cleveland next year. Please give her my email address I remember racing her at a Shaker Heights race and passing her right at the end. She is so awesome and so fast as she age. I need to know your secret so this Ohio girl can show these southern belles how Beachwood does it. lol

eector said...

My name is Ellen Ector, I ran races with Barbara Broad in Ohio a few years back. My first race was a Shaker Heights run and I passed her right at the finish.We are in the same age group and I moved to Atlanta in 2001.I still run but I am amazed at her times. I want to know her secret. As I aged I got slower,she got faster and faster. Please give her my E-mail address. I would love to chat with her. morethanarunner@ Hope she remenbers me !!