Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More October Results

Columbus Marathon
Steve Godale--2:55
Jeff Ubersax--2:56 (PR)
Wyatt Hornsby--2:59
Joe Vishey--3:05 (PR)
Jeff Tanchon--3:12
Dave Morl--3:12
Adam Shane--3:20
Richard Oliver 3:28
Dawn Malone--3:33
Ted Friedman--3:53
Gerri Kornblut--4:15
Christina Seman--4:29

Also, Carly Tanchon finished the half marathon in 1:33

A few short race results too:

At a local Lakewood 5K Lloyd Thomas PR'ed in 17:44
Elizabeth ran a small 10k downtown and came away with a new PR too in 39:45

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