Thursday, August 7, 2008

Burning River 100 Mile

Congratulations and thank you to every SERC member who participated in the Burning River 100 mile race this past weekend!

The following SERC members finished this year's BR100:

Tim Clement - 17:40
Dawn Malone (last year's top woman) – 22:18
Steve Hawthorne – 25:41 (first 100 finished – congrats, Steve!)
Melissa Terwilliger - 26:30 (first 100 - congrats, Melissa!)
Dave Peterman – 26:57 (3rd 100-miler this summer – Massanutten, then Mohican, and now the BR100 – Dave, you are the man!)
Fred Davis III – 27:14
Rich Henderson – 28:18

You can view complete results at:

Thank you to every SERC member who helped to make this race so wonderful. Thanks to Libby, Lloyd, and Paul for captaining key aid stations! Thanks to Vince and Vertical Runner for leading the start and finish! Thanks to Elaine, Amie, Barb, Arthur, Christine, Christina, Patty, Gerri, Gerald, Lou, Frank (& Sue!), and Phil for volunteering at aid stations (I am sure I missed some of you that were out helping at other stations on the course)!

Thanks to Steve G, Tim M, Barb, and Dave K for pacing runners through the night!

Thanks to Gerri, Frank, Todd, Dave, Jeff, Paul, and Bill for helping to mark the course!

Thanks to Mark, Kam, and Wayne for coming out to cheer when you were unable to pace or run.
I am so proud to call myself the president of such a classy club. This past weekend really highlighted what an amazing group of runners we have.

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