Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ATO Charities Mud March 7/26/08

Dear Athletes,

My name is Chuck Mozingo and I'm coordinating this year's Mud March, the premier event for ATO Charities, in Auburn on 7-26. We're contacting many local schools, individuals and companies to promote participation in the event and are encouraging a bit of competitive spirit between these organizations. The school or organization with the most registered participants by 7-10 will receive customized shirts commemorating their participation.

Last year’s March was voted the best trail run by Cleveland magazine in 2007 and I would invite you to learn more about this unique and outstanding event at www.atocharities.org. You can also find a link at www.hermescleveland.com or call me at the numbers below for further information. The event supports 3 local charities this year and provides for a wonderful day of activities for the individual or family. I hope to see you and the representatives from your school or company with you at the event on 7-26. Have a wonderful day.


Chuck Mozingo

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Anonymous said...

Ok all, I'm the current 'Face Plant' mens champ and 45-49 age group winner. I challenge all to try to out face-plant or out run me at this event.

Super-fun event. Enjoy it with your friends and family.

Joe Vishey