Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend Results

Lots of races this weekend! Great job to all the SERC runners that got out and toed the line this weekend!

Spring Classic Half Marathon

KAM SHUN LEE 1:16:30.9 5:50/M (1ST AG)
MARC ABRAMIAK 1:20:47.8 6:10/M (1st AG)
MIKE J RYAN 1:22:01.4 6:16/M (1st AG)
WYATT C. HORNSBY 1:22:48.3 6:19/M (2nd AG)
JEFFERY UBERSAX 1:23:40.6 6:23/M (2nd AG)
TIMOTHY HACKETT 1:27:12.2 6:39/M (2nd AG)
EILEEN MEISLER 1:36:07.4 7:20/M (1st AG)
PHIL SIPOS 1:42:24.1 7:49/M (2nd AG)
TIMOTHY J. MCGINTY 1:46:22.5 8:07/M (3rd AG)

Martian Metor 10K
Elizabeth Hansen 41:17 6:39/M (4th AG)

Jog Into Spring 5K
John Lewandowski 18:32.35 (1st AG)
Joseph Vishey 18:49.40 (3rd AG)

Hudson Run for the Orphans Trail 5K

Vince Rucci 17:58 (1st Overall)

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